Web Video Downloader is a software application which was developed specifically to help individuals download video content from the Internet. To be more accurate, from a website called IndaVideo.hu.
This utility is portable, meaning you are not required to install it. You can place the program files to any location on the HDD and run it from there, by simply double-clicking the EXE. It is also possible to use it on any computer you have access to, by placing the aforementioned files to a portable storage unit, such as a USB flash drive.
It is also important to keep in mind that the Windows registry is not going to be updated with new entries.
In order to save particular videos on your PC, you are required to paste the appropriate URL in the main window and press the “Add” button. This enables you to view a thumbnail and a short description of the clip. Clicking “Start” launches the download and you can see the progress in a bar.
A small drawback here is that batch processing is not integrated, as it would have helped users manage items in a more efficient manner. Plus, the fact that only one format and one website are supported are also setbacks you should take into account.
CPU and memory usage remains low, even while downloading content. We did not register any errors, bugs or crashes during our tests and response time is good.
In conclusion, Web Video Downloader is a pretty decent piece of software, when it comes to downloading clips from IndaVideo.hu in an MP4 format. However, it might benefit from a little more work.







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Easy Video Downloader is a free tool that helps you download videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites as MP4, MPEG, MP3, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MOV, VOB, SWF, image and audio formats with a single click.Download YouTube Videos for Mobile devices in just 2 clicks! With EVD, you will be able to download any video from YouTube or other video sharing websites and save it to your computer for offline viewing. EVD also lets you download videos from Facebook and other popular sites!
Why use Easy Video Downloader?
There are two important reasons why you should use this program:
1. Download Youtube Videos;
2. Download videos from Facebook;
You are not required to register or upload your videos to EVD’s server.

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Web Video Downloader [Updated] 2022

It may happen that you have to download some media files. Actually, almost any Internet video-streamers like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are a good start.

But you may want to be notified when new video material is available for free download. This is especially important when you are about to spend money on video clips.

On the other hand, sometimes you may just want to have a look at some online videos, without having to watch the full content. And as this information is crucial for future downloads, it does not hurt to have it as a separate file.

You can also watch video online, but you do not have to use your PC for this. Besides, it is easier to control your settings via mobile phone or tablet.

And all of that would be a lot more convenient, if you had some decent software at your disposal.

Get Web Video Downloader and start a trial. It is a free software application, which enables you to download online media content.

The application is simple to use: Just double-click the provided EXE file and follow the instructions.

This is the configuration window. It shows the available sources for free videos. You can click on them for more information about the clip. In addition, you can set the size of the download, the download speed and the sort of downloaded material.

This function is especially useful for those, who want to watch a clip on a smartphone.

Besides that, you can control your downloads. You can choose to start the download immediately or to register the URL in your clipboard and go to this destination, when you want to download the content.

Most people store all useful information in the LocalStorage. In Web Video Downloader, the saved data is also kept locally.

You can access it whenever you want to, using the Settings application.

Importantly, Web Video Downloader is not downloading ALL clips from the given website.

It is selecting only the videos of the most interesting type for you to be notified about.

You can check the source URLs of the chosen materials and change the settings to reach the desired quality.

Web Video Downloader has a built-in scheduler, which allows you to decide when to launch particular downloads.

It supports video formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, WebM and 3GP. Web Video Downloader has a built-in scheduler, which allows you to decide when to

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Product name: Web Video Downloader

Author: IndaVideo.hu

License: Freeware

Download size: 2,024 KB

System requirements:

Windows XP / Vista

File type: EXE


Click on image to view full size

Web Video Downloader 4.51.63 download link download link

Web Video Downloader Freeware


Should you need to report any problems, send us an email with details. Please provide as much detail as possible and ensure that you are using the latest version of your browser.

You are reporting a potential breach of the GNU General Public License, or GPL, the Free Software Foundation’s license for free software programs. It is now under active development and may not feature all the same functions as the software it’s based on. We appreciate your taking the time to report it, but please do not provide help in creating the program.

I tried this but it doesn’t do anything when I try to go to I am using Internet Explorer.

You may need to change the DNS settings.
1. Go to „Tools” and select „Internet Options.”
2. Click on the „Connections” tab.
3. Make sure that your DNS servers are not set to automatically use the ISPs DNS.
4. Once set, click on „Apply.”

There are times when the tool may not work properly. In these cases I would recommend visiting the particular page and then downloading the file using your browser.

thanks for your response! That is, in fact, what I tried and it did seem to make a difference, although I have not yet tested it fully. By the way, are you using a proxy to access the Internet?

Hi, I was wondering if you have a program out there which will allow me to download videos from You Tube. Everytime I try to download a video, It always asks me if I want to open it in a new browser window or save it to my computer. I don’t want to have to go through that everytime I want to download a video. Thanks for your time!

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, there are no applications out there that currently allow you to download video content from You Tube. For this reason, we have removed our YouTube downloader from our site.HARTF

What’s New in the Web Video Downloader?

Google Video Downloader is a powerful, ultra-efficient Windows application designed to make it possible to download videos from YouTube. The program is designed to help people download videos without wasting time downloading huge chunks of data.
Google Video Downloader is a portable application and one of the only programs on the market designed to solely assist you in downloading YouTube videos. When you first launch the application, you need to paste the URL of the content you want to download in the video window. The software uses built-in video parsers to quickly download YouTube videos. During the download process, you can pause the procedure any time you wish, by simply pressing the „Pause” key.
When you’re done, Google Video Downloader automatically converts the downloaded MP4 video to a standard format and stores it on your hard drive. Save the program to the system folder (C:\Program Files) to make the application launch immediately next time you start your PC.
The application uses some resources, and may have some minor problems, therefore, the program is not supported on all Windows computers.
A lack of features often seems to be the biggest drawback of this software, but there are some positive aspects as well.
Please note that the analysis results of the Google Video Downloader are not consistent, and can be extremely inaccurate, due to the limited number of tests.
We did not encounter any crashes, errors or bugs during our tests and response time is good.
Although the system requirements may seem to be high, the program works without any problems on all modern Windows computers, and most Windows 7 and 8 users should be able to run it well.
In conclusion, Google Video Downloader is an application worth trying out for those people who are looking for a good program that helps them download videos from YouTube quickly and efficiently.
One of the biggest drawbacks of the program is the lack of options, which may discourage many users.
Google Video Downloader Key Features:

1. Simplify Downloading YouTube Videos

2. Speedy Downloading Speed

3. Auto-Resume during the Downloading Process

4. Queue and Save Multiple Video Lists

5. Full Version Support

6. Watch Resume Offline Videos

7. Watch the MP4 video while it is downloading

8. Multiple video profiles

Google Video Downloader

1. Google Video Downloader is a program designed for those users who want to download videos from YouTube

2. It is a portable application that can


System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 (available in AMD systems)
Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 (available in AMD systems) Memory: 6 GB RAM (8 GB RAM for highest graphics settings)
6 GB RAM (8 GB RAM for highest graphics settings) Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with a NVIDIA CUDA-capable chip and 1GB VRAM (the integrated Intel HD