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The user interface is different, with a different icon set, different menus, and so on. It also supports more file types like TIFF and raw files.

In this post, we will explain some common tasks or techniques for Photoshop users, and provide information on how to complete the process using Photoshop Elements.

#1 – Adjust Brightness and Saturation

There are few simple Photoshop techniques that can be used to quickly brighten or darken an image.

Using the brightness/saturation adjustment layer, you can use the Layers panel to brighten or darken the brightness of an image. Brightness and Saturation layers are available in the Layers panel under “Adjustment Layers”.

For this Photoshop task, we will use a Mac.

To create a Brightness/Saturation adjustment layer, you can create the layer using either Photoshop or Elements.

Open the image (open it by pressing ⌘ + ⇧ + I ).

If using Photoshop, click on the Layers panel and drag a brighten or darken adjustment layer on top of the image (don’t use a color layer, unless you want to create a color adjustment layer).

If using Elements, click on the Adjustments tool (right above the layer thumbnail) and click “Adjustment layers”.

To add a Brightness/Saturation adjustment layer, you need to set the layer’s blending mode to “Normal”. For this Photoshop task, we will use the Layer Style feature.

If using Photoshop, click on the layer thumbnail and select the Layer Style option. Click the “Flatten” button (the little button on the bottom left corner) and click on the plus sign to add a layer style.

In Photoshop, the Layer Style panel shows a preview of the style effect of the layer (how it will look when the style is applied).

If using Elements, just click on the “adjustment layer” and go to the Layer Style tab.

Once you have added a Brightness/Saturation adjustment layer, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation, and color level of the image using the sliders.

#2 – Process Black and White

If you want to make your black and white images look more appealing, try these Photoshop tasks.

To quickly process black and white images, Photoshop offers two useful

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A state court jury awarded $1.8 million Tuesday in a wrongful death lawsuit involving the death of a 6-year-old girl who was run over by a stolen minivan in June 2011.

The girl, Nikkia Hollaway, was a passenger in a minivan driven by her uncle’s girlfriend, Allie White, when the vehicle was stolen in Grand Forks, N.D., and then collided with the minivan driven by White and carrying Hollaway in June 2011, killing her.

The jury in Stutsman County, N.D., awarded $500,000 in total damages including $150,000 for Nikkia’s pain and suffering before her death. She died three weeks after the crash. The remaining $800,000 was divided among Nikkia’s parents, 7-year-old brother, 6-year-old sister, and relatives, according to the Grand Forks Herald.

White, 20, faces charges of murder, manslaughter and theft of a vehicle in the case.

White’s attorney, Robert Schendel, said he plans to appeal the decision.

The child’s mother, Kristin Heather Haagsma, and her father, Bob Haagsma, filed the lawsuit in December 2012, two years after their daughter’s death.

Grand Forks police have said White took off with Nikkia and an older child, but she stopped when she reached a residential neighborhood. The girls’ mother jumped out of the minivan when it stopped at a gas station and ran toward the other girl, who was by herself, according to police.

White had initially lied to police about what happened, saying Nikkia was injured while being buckled into her seat, according to police.

But when police searched the minivan, they found her in the backseat, unscathed. They determined she had been run over by the stolen minivan.

White, who was charged with misdemeanor child abuse for the incident, has pleaded not guilty to the murder, manslaughter and theft charges.

Stutsman County, N.D., District Judge Gerald Pevely, after hearing testimony and evidence in the case, ruled in August that Nikkia’s parents could attempt to pursue a wrongful death claim. They did so after White’s attorney asked Pevely to reconsider the ruling.Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 9: Top WRs with Worst Options

Brandon Lundy (@BrandonLundy)

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A top TV executive ripped into the Spanish police for using excessive force when they carried out an arrest in the Barcelona terror probe.

In CCTV footage apparently filmed shortly before the attack in the city’s Las Ramblas area on August 17, a man is seen being thrown to the ground by plain-clothed officers.

The „intruder”, believed to be a suspected terrorists, is heard screaming „Shoot me!” as a shot is heard.

But shortly after the footage starts rolling a second shot rings out, and the man lies motionless on the ground.

(Image: AOV) (Image: AOV)

The accused terrorist, Moussa Oukabir, was shot by three officers during the arrest in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona.

He was later questioned for over a week about his suspected terrorist connections.

Moussa Oukabir and his brother, Driss, were shot dead by police during the investigation after an initial search of their hotel room failed to uncover any evidence of terrorist links.

(Image: AOV) (Image: AOV)

Today a friend of the families, Albert Nadaf, blasted the Spanish police for using excessive force.

He told the BBC : „The use of Tasers is not acceptable.

„It is absolutely unacceptable to carry out a detention with Tasers. It is not justifiable. There is no justification, and to do that is absolutely illegal.”

(Image: AOV) (Image: AOV)

Gergori, another friend of the Oukabirs, said: „The police have to learn the rules. I’m not surprised because the police is so used to this culture that it’s something they don’t learn very quickly.”39 F.3d 1178
NOTICE: Ninth Circuit Rule 36-3 provides that dispositions other than opinions or orders designated for publication are not precedential and should not be cited except when relevant under the doctrines of law of the case, res judicata, or collateral estoppel.NORTHWEST AIRLINES, INC., Petitioner-Appellee,v.The NATIONAL MEDIATION BOARD, Respondent-Appellant.

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