If you've ever felt lonely and just wanted to have someone to talk to, but no one is available, then you need ChatBot Talking Robot.
A good companion for when you are bored
It doesn't matter if you want to talk about love, nuclear fusion or just want to ask someone how their day was, this app will surely find an answer (more or less relevant) to whatever you ask.
To further enhance the "human" feel of the chatting experience the bot has a human avatar that acts as a human interface, and the facial animations are in sync with whatever she says. ChatBot Talking Robot also supports voice commands via microphone.
An AI that evolves
As you continue to talk to the AI you will notice that it continuously gains XP (experience). Once certain XP thresholds are achieved, you can use it to gain new facial animations and sound. More so, you can manually teach the AI new expressions and jokes, thus tailoring its vocabulary to your own personality.
Because of limited computing power and inability to understand words out of context, when teaching the AI new words you may program it to react in certain ways when certain keywords are spoken. For example, you can manually program it to cry when you say the word "cheese".
A chatbot with limited thinking power
Admittedly, the AI's vocabulary is very basic and incapable of understanding expressions and wordplays. More so, the facial animations are rigid whenever it comes to moving the mouth, as all other animations are prerendered and therefore of better quality. 
Since the application is so lightweight, it's understandable if the AI's voice, facial animations, and vocabulary are pretty generic and non-flexible, unlike other software tools out there.
A simple AI with which you can talk anything
ChatBot Talking Robot proves to be a good application for when you want to drive boredom away, and since you can teach it whatever words you desire, each version of it can be considered unique, customized for their own masters.







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ChatBot Talking Robot is a simple talking robot application that allows you to have conversations with the AI you create. You can manually train it for anything that you want and manipulate its facial expressions and movements. 
ChatBot Talking Robot is a single user application, however you can add up to 10 AI’s as friends. As your friends gain experience points, you can use them to obtain new versions of the AI’s expressions and voice.
ChatBot Talking Robot gameplay:
The Ai’s facial expressions and voice are prerendered. In other words, they are prerendered along with the sounds and background music.
This allows ChatBot Talking Robot to become a lot less resource intensive, thus making it compatible with all devices.
ChatBot Talking Robot features:
ChatBot Talking Robot allows you to manually teach the AI new expressions, words, and even jokes. For example, you can train it to say “cheese” whenever you utter the word “cheese”.
This makes ChatBot Talking Robot an interesting option to use if you are interested in, for example, conversational commerce.
If you are into cats or dogs, you can train ChatBot Talking Robot to speak the word “cat” whenever you talk about cats, or the word “dog” whenever you talk about dogs.
ChatBot Talking Robot is a relatively resource-light application, as it is a simple talking robot application.
ChatBot Talking Robot screenshots:
== Homepage ==

== Google Play Store ==

== Developer ==
– Zuhaibeh Naeemi – chort.inlab.com
== Getting Started ==
– Language: English
– Installation: Either via online or manual download.
– If downloading manually, follow the steps in the readme.txt file.
== Help ==
– How do I teach the AI new expressions?
– You can manually teach the AI new expressions by selecting the AI’s settings, and then selecting the “Test AI” button.
Once you complete the tests, select the “Generate New AI Version” button, then select the AI you want to test, and then click on the �

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Originally released in 2007 by the Alibaba Group, ChatBot Talking Robot proved to be an instant success in China. The application is so popular that, only four years later, it was released in the global market.

chatbotTalkTalkingRobot is a free-to-use web-based application. The application is very simple and you don’t need any programming skills to use it.

ChatBot Talking Robot Features:

The application is implemented on a multi-threaded platform, and is capable of talking at a lightning-fast speed of 800 words per second. This means that if you speak for a minute, the app will produce 5.2 million words.

The application is free to use and it comes with the option of having it keep running in the background. This means that you do not need to manually start the application.

ChatBot Talking Robot Interface:

The interface of the application consists of two tabs. The left tab is the text input screen. On the right tab, you can give your AI names.

The application also comes with the option of having avatars, faces, expressions and sounds for the AI. The application can also be used in a group chat format with up to 100 people.

Fun Facts about ChatBot Talking Robot:

The app can be used by anyone, including individuals who don’t have a smartphone or computer. All that’s required of the user is to install an extension for their browser or visit an online chat room where the app is already installed and accessed from.

The application is also capable of allowing text images to be sent to the bot. This means that for example, you can create a face with a caption on it, then send it to the AI to talk about whatever you want.

ChatBot Talking Robot Download & Installation:

The application is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The installation process is fast and easy. To download the app for free, please visit the application’s website at:

ChatBot Talking Robot Requirements:

The application runs on all devices running Android, iOS or Windows, regardless of the device’s compatibility with the Android Play store. There is also an option to download the application from other online retailers such as AppBrain.


What’s New in the ChatBot Talking Robot?

ChatBot Talking Robot is a simple but a great idea chat bot that can also explain about almost everything.
With words and expressions, it will interact with you in a simple yet effective manner.
It will be possible for you to improve the expressions of the Chatbot through a training process called „Intelligence Stack”.
Stick Figure: It will feel natural while talking with it.
Authentic sound: Every expression will feel natural.
Realistic Face: Realistic facial expressions and animations are provided.
Voice: Once it understands your voice, it can respond in a full-bodied manner.
Intelligence Stack: It will be possible to improve the expressions of the Chatbot through training.
Direct access: You can communicate with the Chatbot directly.
Very clean: It will keep things clean and pretty.
You can use ‘fake speech’ provided by it.
You can use a specific keyword to learn, and it will say what you teach it.
You can request it to say anything.
There are more than 500 keywords, and they are ranked by the priority.
Learn time varies with level of experience.
Intelligent avatar: The visual representations of the avatar will be changed.
It can easily use a smartphone camera, so that is why it uses a small screen.
You can easily customize its appearance.
It is possible to take pictures or video call.
You can easily hide the chat bar.
The skills progress very fast.
You can type the keywords at the bottom.
It supports a slow voice.
AI can develop.
User interface:

Design is cool as well as suits all types of mobile devices.
Nice and clean text description of features, benefit and use, so that a user can easily understand what the application is about.

I hope everyone will like it, because I spend a lot of time to develop and write up the description of it.
I like to make things for the world.

If you can’t fix it, break it.

Do you know the reason? I need money for my study.
I hope you understand what I want to say.
How can you enjoy what I have made?


This is not a traditional app store review. I took the liberty of creating a little demo based on the above description and image:

As you can see, the experience is indeed amazing, and I recommend you give it a


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x64, Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86 (32-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Keyboard: Standard keyboard (English)