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Landslide in East Java Kills at Least 32 People

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) – A landslide has killed at least 32 people on Bali island in Indonesia’s worst flooding in decades, officials said Friday.

The evacuation of some 60,000 residents on Bali prompted by the floods and landslides took place Thursday and this morning, said Ronny Setiawan, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency.

Setiawan said at least four families were still unaccounted for, adding that the death toll is expected to rise. The head of the national disaster agency said authorities are considering calling off the search and rescue operation.

„The water levels in rivers and streams have begun to subside,” Setiawan said, adding that the Bali airport was open and flights were operating normally. He said there were no reports of those stranded by the flooding being rescued.

The island’s provincial disaster agency said the risk of landslides has been reduced because most of the water from surrounding mountains has disappeared.

Fears for the fate of a group of foreign tourists who were stuck when a powerful jetty collapsed in southeast Jakarta last month brought thousands of rescuers and emergency crews to Bali on Friday.

Rescuers carrying mountain-engines and wearing oxygen masks reached the four-story structure and began pumping out water, but the work was not clear-cut in an area filled with debris.

The French national group Sea & Sea, which was carrying tourists along the coast of central Jakarta, said Friday there were 40 people stuck in the jetty’s collapsed portion, including 15 French, 15 Malaysian, 10 German, five Italian and three Indonesian.

Company spokeswoman Yvette Michiels said the group was asked to abandon its departure for Bali.

The tourism ministry said it was launching an investigation into the incident, including why the accident occurred.

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